Clinging tightly to their last shreds of high school angst and armed with nothing but big dreams, Clint and Zach sign a year lease with the simple goal of starting a killer band. Jobless, they soon have to acquire more roommates to help pay the rent.

Told from several points of view, this dark comedy novel follows the adventures of lovable young miscreants who overrun Sunrise Terrace, a respectable apartment complex in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Collectively they discover how to survive, how to navigate the music business, and the perils that accompany hiding something top secret in an abandoned storage unit.

Enjoy this fun-filled tale of evading arrest, jaunts through an eerie nightclub after hours, addicts in training, a touch of love, and of course, music.

If you’ve ever lived next door to loud obnoxious neighbors, always wondering what wretched, potentially illegal activities they were up to, The Punks Next Door tells you all about it.

"A humorous mix of mayhem and music. You'll want to hang out with these characters again and again."

--Sig Siegman, International DJ

"Untamed. Entertaining. Anarchy Adams' originality will keep you glued to this engaging page-turner."

--Mad Mad Judy, Journalist, Contributor to Prancer Magazine

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